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Rotor stacks of different sizes, assembled and turned
or grinded to ensure tight tolerances.

Stacks can be bonded, welded or riveted, complete with aluminum or copper bars soldered to end plates.

Cutting-edge technology

I nostri impianti sono dotati di una sorgente fibra personalizzata su nostra precisa specifica, con un diametro del fascio ben inferiore a quello dei più tradizionali impianti generici per la lavorazione della lamiera. Un fascio laser così sottile permette di ottenere particolari molto complessi con estrema accuratezza e precisione. Inoltre, la potenza è talmente bassa da non permettere alcun surriscaldamento superficiale.
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Linear motor and different application stacks

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Linear motor and different application stacks

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As a family owned and operated company we are hands on business owners and intimately involved in daily operations. Time on the shop floor interacting with employees is routine, promoting their development and be proud of their work.
Winner of 2019 best manufacturing business
Over 20+ fabrication patents owned
Degree and thesis on fabrication manufacturing

Travis Kirkpatrick, Owner

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